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Daily from: 3 pm - 6 pm & 9 pm - close

Join us for a craft beer and a bite of delicious pub grub.

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Dinner Menu

Fanno Pub Chips
A large basket of classic old-fashioned house-made potato chips

Scotch Egg
From across the pond, this classic British dish is a hard cooked egg wrapped in thin seasoned sausage and flash fried, served with mustard sauce and sliced tomato

Chicken Quesadilla
Two flour tortillas filled with chipotle-spiced shredded chicken, Tillamook Cheddar and Pepper Jack cheeses, served with salsa and sour cream

Buffalo Wings
Fiery chicken wings, or milder BBQ Wings, served with bleu cheese dressing and celery

Beer Battered Mushrooms
Button mushrooms in our own Golden Ale beer batter served with sour cream dipping sauce

Keg Fries
Our own waffle cut, crisp golden fries

Mozzarella Sticks
Deep fried battered mozzarella with our tasty marinara sauce

Macho Nachos
Tortilla chips with Tillamook Cheddar and Pepper Jack cheeses, beans, guacamole, house-made salsa, sour cream and topped with black olives, chopped tomatoes, green onion and jalapeños

Hummus Platter
Our house made chickpea and tahini dip with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese and olives served with pita bread

Beer Battered Artichoke Hearts
Artichoke hearts dipped in our own Golden Ale beer batter

Chicken Strips and Fries
3 pieces of battered white meat chicken tenders served with keg fries and ranch dressing

Chips and Salsa
Fresh tortilla chips served with delicious house-made salsa

Tater Tots
Whole or Half order, standard or Cajunized


Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine tossed with croutons and shaved parmesan cheese (try it with grilled chicken)

Caribbean Salad
Fresh mixed greens, tossed with mango, red pepper and coconut shrimp served with raspberry vinaigrette

Fanno Chopped Cobb Salad
Chopped lettuce, grilled chicken, bacon, green onions and avocado tossed with Italian vinaigrette and blue cheese topped with tomato and hard cooked egg

Gathered Field Greens
A bed of mixed greens tossed with balsamic vinaigrette with candied walnuts, cranberries, crumbled bleu cheese and tomatoes

Southwest Chicken Salad
Romaine, chicken, black beans, cheese and cilantro tossed with creamy salsa dressing and topped with avocado and tortilla strips

Soup and Salad
Cup of Soup of the Day and small side salad

Small Side Salad
A bed of mixed greens with carrots, cucumber and croutons

Salad Dressings
Bleu Cheese, Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Ranch, 1000 Island, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Caesar


Brew Pub Seafood Chowder
Our chowder is chocked full of seafood (cup or bowl)

Ask your server for our Daily Soup Specials


We use Painted Hills Natural Beef which has no added hormones, no antibiotics, and are fed a 100% vegetarian diet.
Served with Fanno Pub Chips or Upgrade to Keg Fries

Mad Max Burger
Our ½ lb. burger with gruyere cheese, bacon, crunchy frizzled onions and ham then topped with a fried egg all served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, and pickle

Blown Keg Bleu Cheese Burger
Melted bleu cheese tops our ½ lb. burger served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and onion

Fanno Fungus Burger
Our ½ lb. burger topped with wild mushroom pesto and Swiss cheese on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and onion

Yee Haw! Burger
Our ½ lb. burger topped with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and chipotle aioli covered with Texas BBQ Sauce served on a Kaiser roll

Build your own Burger
Start with a delicious choice of ½ lb. Painted Hills hamburger, grilled chicken breast or Gardenburger and select your own toppings. Served on a Kaiser roll and includes lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle

Over a dozen additional toppings available, ask your server!


Grilled Mahi Mahi Sandwich
Grilled filet of Mahi Mahi fish served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, onion, tomato and our own special sauce on the side

Grilled Portobello Sandwich
A large marinated Portobello mushroom on a Kaiser roll with mushroom pesto, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion

Grilled Veggie Sandwich
Freshly grilled green and red peppers, red onion, mushrooms, roasted garlic, Kalamata olives, melted Swiss cheese topped with tomato slices and served on a hoagie roll with red pepper mushroom aioli on the side

Vegeterranean Sandwich
Hummus, avocado, red onion, tomato, Swiss cheese, roasted red peppers and lettuce on hearty 9-grain bread

Max's Chicken Cheesesteak
Slices of grilled chicken breast, roasted bell peppers and melted pepper jack cheese on a hoagie roll, served open faced with salad greens in place of chips

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Thinly sliced sautéed rib-eye steak, grilled green peppers and onions with hot, bubbly Provolone cheese on a hoagie roll

Fanno Club Sandwich
Ham, grilled chicken breast, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo stacked on sourdough bread

Pot Roast Sandwich
Thick slices of low-fat turkey pot roast, piled on a toasted ciabatta roll served with au jus

Reuben Sandwich
Traditional hot corned beef sandwich with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and house-made red potato salad on the side in place of chips

Avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on toasted sourdough bread

Sautéed mushrooms combined with wild mushroom pesto piled on a hoagie roll topped with melted cave-aged Gruyere cheese, served open faced with salad greens in place of chips

A mixture of line-caught albacore tuna and mayo with cheddar cheese on sourdough bread then grilled to perfection

A delicious mixture of grilled chicken, minced red onion, celery, cranberries and mayo on 9-grain bread

Swiss, Provolone and Gruyere cheeses with bacon on grilled sourdough bread (try it with tomato)

Black Forest ham and Swiss cheese grilled on sourdough bread

Tender char-grilled chicken breast, bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and guacamole on sourdough bread


Black Forest Ham Panini
Ham, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and Gruyere cheese

Chicken Parmesan Panini
Grilled chicken breast, marinara sauce and 5 cheese blend

Panini Portobello
Portobello mushroom, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions with a mushroom pesto and provolone cheese


All pizzas come in 10" and 14" pies

The Carmen
Pepper Jack cheese, bacon, marinara sauce, green onion, jalapeños and tomato

The Texas
BBQ chicken, chipotle sauce, Pepper Jack and cheddar cheese, red and green peppers

The Greenburg
Mushroom pesto, bell peppers, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, roasted garlic, caramelized onion and tomato

The Durham
Alfredo sauce, chicken, roasted red peppers, Kalamata olives and our 5-cheese pizza blend

The Maximillian
Marinara sauce, pepperoni, roasted garlic, mushrooms, Kalamata olives and our 5-cheese blend

The 5 Cheese
Gourmet 5-cheese blend with marinara sauce

Build Your Own Pizza
Marinara sauce, alfredo sauce or olive oil and garlic
Choose toppings: Pepperoni, Kalamata Olives, Bacon, Bell Peppers, Roasted Garlic, Feta Cheese, Ham, Mushrooms, Grilled Onions, Artichoke Hearts, Fresh Tomatoes, Jalapeños, Grilled Chicken


Fish and Chips Mahi Mahi Style
Crispy golden Mahi Mahi served with keg fries with house made tartar sauce

Gourmet Max 'N Cheese
Thick and creamy cave-aged Gruyere cheese and macaroni with Applewood bacon

Rustic Chicken Mushroom Pasta
Cheese stuffed tortellini combined with fire grilled chicken and wild mushroom sauce, roasted garlic and fresh herbs

Green Curry Shrimp
Rice, shrimp and vegetables in rich green curry sauce

Fish Tacos
2 tortillas with grilled mahi, shredded cabbage and salsa, rice and beans

Coconut Shrimp Tacos
3 tortillas filled with coconut shrimp and shredded cabbage served with our house made mango salsa and lime wedge

Chicken Caesar Wrap
Grilled chicken breast, crisp romaine lettuce, and creamy Caesar dressing rolled into a warm flour tortilla

Chicken Burrito
2 flour tortillas wrapped around shredded chicken, refried beans, rice, salsa verde (green salsa) topped with cheddar cheese

Grilled Sirloin Steak
6 oz. grilled sirloin steak, baked potato, and small green salad

Grilled New York Steak
10 oz. grilled New York steak, baked potato, and small green salad